Brandner Technologies specializes in web application development within the e-learning and social networking spaces. Using a blend of web technologies, backend platforms and with experience in both Windows and *nix environments, Brandner Technologies is able to deliver innovative solutions.

Chris Anderson (author of "The Long Tail") talks about how "social networking is a feature, not a destination". We envision the day where social networking features are commonplace in most software products and can greatly enhance the user experience. This can be seen in the prevalence of APIs, mashups and products such as Google's OpenSocial API.

Athough not designed specifically for e-learning, new social networking tools such as blogging, community created content, podcasts, feeds and tagging can be used to empower students and create new learning opportunities. These tools can take the power from the institution, place it directly into the hands of the individual learner and reach learners in ways that are unheard of in traditional teaching environments.

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